Saturday, July 30, 2011

If I actually blogged, this blog might have gone viral.

I haven't blogged in a long time. Jay pointed out that the less we blog, the more we actually have to be blogging about. It's true. In the past few months, I have experienced a lot of things that I could have written some pretty sweet blog posts about. Nevertheless, all of the happenings have left me with less time to sit in front of my computer. To name a few, we had a devastating natural disaster in our country that claimed the lives of over 15 thousand people + destroyed a nuclear power plant that sent the whole country into fear of nuclear meltdown and radioactive contamination. Shortly thereafter, I gave birth to a second son. And then Jay's hometown was destroyed by an enormous tornado. We have had a lot of visitors from America, and we are now in the "calm before the storm" as we prepare to move to Osaka in a few weeks.
A lot has gone on. Some joyous things and some painfully tragic things. God is good through it all. We continue to serve Him and pray that he will lead us through his Spirit to bring many people to know his incredible love and salvation.

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