Monday, March 7, 2011

Street Live!

We want to get the word out about Mustard Seed Christian Church in whatever way possible! In Japan, a concert is called a "Live." Lately, our church band has been playing music outside in various places in the city-what we call a "street live." Two weeks ago, Hiroshi, Andy, and I played in the busy downtown district called "Sakae." It was really cold, but fun nonetheless.

Taisei and Naoya brave the cold to support us at the "Street Live" and pass out church invitations.

Street Live in Sakae, Nagoya

Thankfully, it has warmed up a little in the past few days, so we had another "Street Live" last Saturday in a courtyard outside of a high-traffic train station. A lot of people stopped to listen and seemed to really enjoy themselves! I'm sure that many of them have never heard Christian songs, let alone Christian songs being sung in Japanese by a bunch of foreigners! Some of our "groupies," (aka: churchgoers and members) passed out church invitations and talked with people who passed by. My friend, Yuuca, and her son have come to the past two "street live" events and Rowen and Masato (Yuuca's son) dance their little hearts out. It's pretty awesome. We are looking forward to Spring coming and we hope to have a lot more outdoor outreach events as it warms up!

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school_of_tyrannus said...

oh that's really awesome! I hope that some people come because of it . . . but even if they don't, that's such a cool experience. And God's praise is sung on the streets. :-)